Deployment dinner.

Call this my official Deployment Dinner of Week 1.

One of my silly goals of deployment is to eat plenty of the stuff that Michael doesn’t want to eat. Enter: brussels sprouts and almonds.

Bread: warm garlic nan with real butter.

Salad: chopped romaine, grated cheddar, roasted brussels sprouts, lots of chopped celery, sliced almonds, craisins, and lots of Japanese sesame dressing. like whoa. This is night 3 of this greatness!



  1. When my boyfriend is away (which I know is a totally different circumstance from yours!), I do the same! I love eating Indian food and food you have to pick apart with your fingers, like crabs – he is just not a fan of those things. Also, this is an excellent time to wear sweatpants. Constantly.

  2. Warm garlic naan with real butter? How could you think for a second that I wouldn’t be all about that?? 🙂

    You can keep your stinky brussels sprouts and overbearing almonds, though.

    Also, I love you.

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