Becoming a single wife.

I’ve started a lot of posts since Michael left, but none of them felt “right”, but I think that tonight is my night.

It feels like he has been gone for weeks, but I think a lot of that is because I’ve managed to keep myself SO busy! Today was my first down day, and it was a relief. I feel like I was busy all day around the house, but the house looks like I didn’t do anything new or different. Oh well! I did do some amazing online shopping, so THAT counts for SOMETHING, right?!

I feel like a “single wife” – a committed, married woman without my husband around! I’m able to do whatever – I’m on my own program – which is kind of nice – except that I miss my husband. The toughest aspect so far has been the communication thing. It sounds like he is SUPER busy on the carrier right now and doesn’t have much time to write, but he’s been able to get an email or two to me everyday. While I’m able to go about my business in a pretty good mood, I find myself checking my email often. At least once per day I become sad because I haven’t heard from him in a while. It’s like I have a radical mood shift for a few minutes. I think that I do a job with reminding myself that he’s busy, he’s the new guy, and he is probably wishing that he had more downtime, so I don’t stay sad for too long. I’m also keeping myself as busy as possible, which involves a ton of busy work and a lot of time with friends. You know what’s nice? Not having to keep my phone ringer on loud as to not miss a telephone call from him. Silver lining, people. Silver lining.

I’m trying to stay upbeat in my emails to him, and it’s not like I’m stretching the truth. I feel like the house is still messier then I want it to be, but that’s because I don’t spend much time here! I’m always out doing something fun with friends or even solo. I know that he is very happy that I’m doing okay.

A big fact of deployments is that the deployed significant other is always a lot happier knowing that the significant other at home is doing okay.

My last HUGE hurdle here is dealing with the second bedroom. It’s an absolute DISASTER. Once I have that somewhat organized, I’ll feel soooo much better.

I’m starting to get a bit distracted (tv, internet, recipes that I want to try), so I have one last thing to add before I split.

In the final 24hrs that Michael was in Iwo on this last trip before the deployment, I created two big care packages. One was for him (of course!) and the other package was one that I organized for the whole staff. Most of the staff wives dropped-off red, white, and blue themed items to me, and I created a red, white, and blue box (over the top and ridiculous, but AWESOME!). I was really, really proud of myself. Most of the goodies in the box were edible. Pictures below.

Michael’s box was a bit more creative. Although I did not decorate the box, the content made it special for him. I purchased a bunch of aviation magazines and history journals and put them in there. I created a picture book with pictures of the dog, our families, and, of course, us. I included all kinds of funny/useful little toys, like squirt guns and stuff to cause trouble with. I made him peanut butter cookies, and bagged them 3 per ziplock bag, then put them in a Tupperware thing so they wouldn’t get smooshed. I made a few photo magnets and a few small things to put on the wall around his bed – all very cheesy, of course. I included a few battery-operated wall lights. I filled a glass jar with Hershey kisses and made a little sign that said “a kiss for everyday that you’re gone”. Of course I included lots of his favorite snacks, like Reece’s peanut butter cups, Pop Tarts, Triscuits, and peanut butter crackers. I also put in a few “local” snacks that he definitely will not be able to buy in the convenience store on the boat. Of course I also included a few of his toiletries. I think that there were a few other things in there, but I can’t remember off the top of my head at the moment. It was a lot of fun to put together, and I was gathering things for about a month. I have a few odds and ends put aside for his next care package, too.

I hope everyone is having a good day! It’s about time for me to go to bed.











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  1. I’ve given up on checking my gmail except for once a day. That took some serious self discipline! I’ve realized that I’m not going to hear from my guy this go round at all and I certainly was spoiled last time by how many emails I got! I love your care packages!! I sent Andrew’s half-way package with him since he can’t get mail out there (LOL) and got real creative with it! It will make an appearance on the blog here soon. 😉 I was super proud of my creativity while still keeping it small. Yay for lack of space…

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