And … he’s gone.

No, he hasn’t deployed yet, but he just left for work-up #2. I know that he’s officially gone now because I heard his transport plane take off. There are perks of living so close to the flight line, but hearing my husband leave is not one of them.

I am determined to be positive and relaxed during this work-up. I am determined. Once again, I am 1 of 2 ladies without our husbands here. Everyone else’s husband only goes for the day, if they go at all. I won’t have any girl friends to spend time with during this go-round, BUT …

– at least I am living in our apartment now, and not the Lodge! BIG PLUS!
– at least I have a working television with lots of cable channels to choose from. The TV is a lonely person’s best friend – I don’t sit and watch it often, but the noise is comforting. Currently, I’m tuned-in to the Military History Channel.
– at least the likelihood of this turning into another long trip is slim.
– at least I have a messy house that needs a lot of cleaning and unpacking! It’s not like I’ll be bored while he’s gone!
– at least I have deployment to look forward to – deployment includes telephone and email access! Silence will only be sometimes – not all the time. <– I can't believe that I'm actually looking forward to deployment, but I've gotta find sunshine where I can!
– at least I have a full kitchen, now with a microwave!
– at least he only had to do 2 work-ups and that the work-ups were not very long. Many other spouses deal with long, arduous work-ups prior to a 10 month or longer deployment. We are lucky. This point, in and of itself, is enough to make me smile.

I have a hair appointment scheduled for this afternoon and an evening event with Michael's coworkers. I'm not looking forward to the event tonight, as all the other ladies will be there with their husbands (except the other wife – but she at least has kids and a dog!). The weather this weekend is looking really bad. I plan to run to the grocery store and pick-up a few items to hold me over incase I don't want to leave the house this weekend!

Okay, time to get my day going. I miss you, Husband! xoxo


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