Commemorating our relocations.

Now that the dust is settling and Michael and I are piecing our new home together (oh yes, HE’S HOME FOR A LITTLE WHILE! WOHOO!), I am starting to think about “next step” stuff, like creating a “living” wall display of all the places where we’ve lived together.

I came across a few cute ideas on Etsy. Most of my friends have signs like this, which I like a lot, but I worry that these vendors won’t be around forever, and eventually we’ll end-up with mis-matched signs or no signs at all.

This is another option, but, again, I wonder if these vendors will be around long enough! Really, I think that I run that risk with anything that I don’t make myself.

So … what’s a girl to do? I’m not sure. If I knew, I’d definitely be doing it.

I LOVE this idea for the places where we lived before we got married! This may be the one piece that I order.

I also love this idea, expect that I would change it to just the places where we’ve lived. I could fill-in the top two slots, then add “coming soon” signs to the bottom two, etc. Or, I could have individual pictures, and try to find really interesting frames in each location for each picture.

I’d also like a companion display of all the places where we have traveled together, including port calls and vacations, but we would probably “settle” for a really fancy world map with pins. One of our “forever house” dreams is to have a study that is decorated with maps and that contains all kinds of interesting, old maps.

Our apartment is coming right along! We hung some pictures tonight, and we are starting to feel more set-up and permanent here (well, as permanent as the Navy allows us to be!). I will post a few progress pictures in a few days.

The kitchen is 95% finished, the dining room is 100% finished but is a staging area for all the other rooms, the living room is about 60% of the way there, the master bedroom is 50% of the way there, and the spare bedroom is an absolute disaster. Like, Stage 5, I-avoid-being-in-there disaster. The worst part of the move has been the never-ending pile of laundry. All of our things STINK from the move, so I have to wash everything before I can put it all away. It’s a HUGE PITA.

My nails are gross from handling so many cleaning products and scrubbing everything in reach. My back is killing me from bending over the sink so much. I am a stress-case because I have trouble living in a disaster area. However, I’m really, really happy. We finally have a permanent residence, and my honey is home. Really, does it get any better then this? Well, I’m sure that someday I’ll find myself in an even more delightful moment, but, for now, this is the end-all-be-all, couldn’t-be-happier moment 🙂


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