Deployment craft time.

Sleep has been a problem for me since Michael left. Not surprising, huh?

Since I’m not sleeping, I spend my evenings working on a deployment project for Michael. I purchased a soft cover binder that is filled with plastic sleeves, and I am filling the sleeves with a letter per day. My letters are epic, and are at least 6 pages long so far. I also purchased adorable stationary and stickers, so the letters are fun and silly. I decorate the lined paper with stickers, too. The book is coming together nicely, and I’m enjoying working on it! I’ll give it to him to read on deployment. I think that he’ll appreciate having so much to read.

I also purchased magnetic photo sleeves, and I’ll put a few photos in there for him to stick to his bunk wall.

I haven’t started my 3rd project yet – I purchased one of those page-a-day desk calendars. I’m going to tape photos of us to some of the pages, and write little notes on some of the other pages. I’ll probably put stickers on the rest of the pages, so that every day that he turns to a new page, he will also have a surprise.

My final project, a photo book, just arrived in the mail. I made a 7″ x 9″ soft cover photo book on Shutterfly. It contains pictures of our dog, our weddings, our families, and, of course, pictures of us! I know that he’ll love the book!

Today (June 3) is his birthday, so I created a birthday/care package for him to take on his current work trip. I bought him a Futurama tee shirt that he can wear to work, water guns, a rubix cube, and military history journals to read. I added snacks to the bag, too: microwavable popcorn, cookies, breakfast bars, Raman noodles, and his favorite candy. It was a good haul, and I feel like I did good work on that one! It will be a hard act to follow, but I think that he will like his deployment care package even more.

Here are pictures of my letter book:




One last thing – if you’re a friend or family member who would like to send packages to Michael during his deployment, I can give you his mailing address.

I suggest sending him: Tostitos and Tostitos restaurant style salsa (both can be shipped via Amazon); home made brownies or chocolate chip cookies; funny cards; or Amazon gift cards so that he can order anything that he needs.

He’d also love emails, and he will have a special deployment email address.

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