Dating again. This time, with girls!

Michael has now been gone for a few days, and I am still alive and well (win!). I’m dealing with the lack of communication surprisingly well, probably because I’m dedicating myself to finding something to full every minute of every day that he’s been gone. I actually spent 20 minutes at the Commissary today, reading the ingredients of cereal. Yup, I’m there.

Last night and tonight, I had “lady dates” with friends whose husbands are with Michael. It was AWESOME to have uninterrupted girl time and to not be looking at my phone every few minutes as to not miss something from my husband, but it’s also a strange feeling to know that I’m not waiting for a phone call, an email, or a text message from Michael. It’s really weird.

It’s super late here so I should try to get some sleep. I actually slept for a whole 7hrs last night, which is a record for the most sleep I’ve ever gotten while he’s been away. I’m going for 8hrs tonight. Wish me luck!

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  1. Another perk with hanging out with the ladies whose hubbies are going through the same thing: they totally understand if you do happen to get a call! Sounds like that may not happen for you all ( 😦 totally sucks) but it was refreshing to me to be with people going through the same thing and not having to explain it all. Good luck!

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