We have a move-in date!

We FINALLY have a move-in date!! The end is in sight!! Our home goods will arrive at our on-base apartment on Tuesday, 11 June. I will be able to start the move-in on Monday afternoon after the official walk-though with Housing. I am THRILLED. Although I’d like to move in sooner, I’m glad that we won’t have to wait longer then the 11th.

I have several errands to run in the next week to prepare – I’ll confirm delivery of our new recliner (oh yeah!), purchase items from Ikea, register for on-base telephone and internet, purchase black-out curtains, go food shopping on Monday evening, and I’ll hopefully be able to start on the wall art. I ordered supplies last week, but they may not arrive until after the move. Oh well! It’s too bad that Michael won’t be here for the move, but, on the other hand, I will be able to put all the furniture where I want it to go … 😉



There are lots of infuriating hitches and hoops to jump through before Michael leaves for the work-up this week. Nothing is easy with the housing department here, but I am extremely thankful that we have a move-in date and that our home goods are scheduled for delivery. Having a move-in date and a delivery date make me feel like this is really happening, and that I have something awesome to look forward to.

I am also extremely thankful for my two wonderful friends, Sarah and Julia, who volunteered to help me get ready for the move and to help on the day of the move. I am very lucky to have their assistance!! Things are looking up.

For people who are not offended easily: check out this haaaaalarious (but crazy) comment that a local Japanese mayor made. I see where he’s coming from, but, uh, his argument and delivery left much to be desired. He has apologized. I am still laughing …

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