Date night in Tokyo.

We accidentally hopped on a local train instead of an express train, so our 20min ride is now 40. Boo! But, now I have time to post about our date night at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo.

The New Sanno is owned and operated by the United States Joint Forces and the MWR. It’s not for profit, and you can only get into the hotel if you are military, retired military, a spouse, an accompanied dependent, or an accompanied guest of a service member. It’s considered a 5 star hotel, and it is located in Central Tokyo, close-ish to the Imperial Palace, Rappongi, and Embassy Row. Since it is not for profit, service members are charged a very reasonable rate – under $60 per night for a nice room with a queen size bed. In fact, EVERY room, including the large suites, cost under $100 for service members. Awesome!

More then anything, it is a comfortable slice of American life. The hotel is beautiful, and I am not easily impressed by hotels. It was immaculately clean – typical of Japanese hotels – but the New Sanno is decorated in Western style, complete with a huge fireplace and crystal chandeliers in the entryway. There are a mix of restaurants, including several formal and casual Western style restaurants. It contains a NEX (nicer then our NEX on base), a small “general store”, a nice bar, a beautiful indoor pool, a beautiful workout room, a gift shop, a breakfast cafe, and a beauty parlor that provides spa and beauty services.

The employees are international, but they only speak English with the guests. I tried Japanese with a few of the employees but they would only reply in English. I love living in Japan and (poorly) speaking Japanese with the locals, but it was relieving to be understood in my native language.

We took the train (it took about an hour), and then walked from the station (Hiroo) to the hotel. We stopped at a French pasty shop for a snack; French pasty stops are very common in Tokyo, and I think that their pastries are as good or better then pastries that I’ve had anywhere else. We passed several wine bars and small restaurant on our way also, which we will definitely try next time we stay at The New Sanno.

After arriving, we got changed for our fancy steakhouse dinner and spent an hour in the hotel bar. I highly recommend the key lime martinis!

Afterwards, we had a delicious, candle-lit dinner in The New Sanno’s Wellington Steakhouse. We sat in a very romantic booth, and enjoyed a four course meal and a bottle of Pinot Noir. The service and food were very good, as was the ambiance.

We were lame and went to bed early instead of going out in Tokyo, but it was still a perfect date night. We ended our stay with one of our favorite indulgences – breakfast in bed.

I need a lot of alone/couple time before he leaves, and last night was exactly as I wanted, with no distractions or interruptions. It was perfect.








  1. Sounds lovely! Looking forward to trying some French pastry when we visit.

  2. Hi, I live in Kyoto and am responding to a post of yours from a few months back about your friend who needed Mohs surgery. Is there anywhere around Kyoto to have this treatment for my BCC?


  3. Enjoy your blog! Have two sons that are Navy pilots and can identify. One is in Japan now. I hope you enjoy reading my blog if you have a chance to surf over. I am a Navy Mom, nurse and writer. Salacious fiction with a military twist. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you for reading, and best wishes to your sons! I love that you are a writer and a nurse! I was in nursing school before we moved here. I’d love to check out your writing, and I will definitely follow your blog! 🙂 Happy Memorial Day, and thanks for all you do!

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