Badman Week.

I’ve tried to post about Badman Week for 3 days, but the Internet is so awful in our Lodge room that I gave up trying to post on my computer and I am posting from my phone. At least the A/C was FINALLY turned on! Anyone in favor of Sequestration should have been forced to live and sleep in base housing these last 2 weeks. I was averaging 2 showers per day because it was so hot in our room, and we couldn’t even stand to be in the room between 1 and 5pm – it was awful!


Last week was Badman Week. Badman Week is a week dedicated to morale on base, and it’s no coincidence that it occurs prior to deployment. Enlisted, Officers, and spouses play IM sports: volleyball, dodgeball, and softball (officers are just refs, though). There are several theme parties and events: Wednesday was Rock’n’Roll night, there was a Friday morning golf outing and Air Wing cook-out, and Saturday was the Badman Ball. These events were officers and spouses only, but there were enlisted events as well. The IM sports took place all day, everyday last week.

“Badman” is the call sign of the air wing here, hence the name of the events. CAG Staff was the host this year, so we were in charge of organizing the events. Since I just arrived I didn’t have any duties per se, but I helped with our CAG Staff centerpiece. At Badman Ball each year, each squadron (and CAG Staff!) is assigned a table to decorate. The Ball is not a sit-down affair, so the tables are purely decorative and just a place to put purses and drinks. We had an origami idea, but we ended up using fresh flowers. Our table looked great! It wasn’t as fancy as other tables, but I loved the flowers that we chose. Michael was in charge of making the video, which he was in charge of for his Ball last year, too. Apparently he should go into the Navy fighter pilot movie-making business.

Michael and I were 80s rockers for the Rock’n’Roll party on Wednesday, and a group of our friends dressed up at KISS. They looked awesome!

It was a very hectic but fun week. It’s so much fun to put on a costume or an elegant dress and attend a huge party.

Thankfully this week has been quiet. Michael and I are spending Friday night in Tokyo by ourselves, which I really needed. Deployment is coming up soon, and I need quiet time with my husband. I’m going to miss him so much, and I’m so stressed that we are still living in the Lodge, we don’t have a move-in date yet, etc. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by everything that I have to do solo – he’s going to be completely out of contact for a while (submarine style, so he won’t even have email access!), and in that time I will have to orchestrate a move. I’ve never done any of this before, so I don’t know what to expect. Here’s hoping that it’s not as bad as I fear. None of my wife friends will be here for the move – no husband, no friends – what’s a girl to do? The good thing is that I moved by myself a lot in my 20s and I’m comfortable doing things by myself. So, while doing things “Navy style” irks me, at least I’ve done a few major geographical moves in the past.

I’ve also started preparing birthday and deployment gifts for Michael. He will be gone over his birthday, so I have a lot of pre-planning and buying to do. I’ll tell you all about his deployment gifts after I’ve given them to him.

Well, it’s 9am here – time to get moving! Have a good day, friends!










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