Buggin’ out.

I’m not a very squeamish person – I’ve stood 2ft from patients undergoing knee replacements, bunionectomies, and other “gross” procedures. I’ve cleaned adult patients who soiled themselves. I’ve emptied bile bags that are attached to patients. I’ve given vaccinations. I’ve removed feeding tubes and breathing tubes. It takes a lot to gross me out.

But, nothing in my life prepared me for waking up with a 2.5in cockroach ON MY FACE.

Yup, I woke up yesterday at 1:15am with a creepy, crawly feeling on my arm. When I came-to, I felt crawling on my forehead. I jumped up and pointed my phone flashlight towards my pillow, hoping that it was just a dream and nothing would actually be there. Instead, I saw a gigantic, black bug crawling on my white pillow case! I screamed for Michael to get up, which he did, ready to fight a human intruder.

We turned on the lights and tore the bed apart. At one point, the horrid roach peeked out at us from behind the mattress. A few minutes later, we found a roach in the kitchen – but we weren’t sure if it was the same roach. UGH!!!

There was absolutely no way that we were going to sleep in our room that night! There aren’t any nighttime desk people due to the sequestration, so we couldn’t go to a different room. I texted a few friends who live on base but received no responses, so Michael got in touch with one of his Commanding Officers. We slept at his house in his guest room. What a fiasco.

Yesterday morning, we first addressed the problem with the front desk. This was our 2nd incident with roaches in our room, so they immediately agreed to move us to another room in another wing of the building, but we would have to wait until the room occupants had checked-out and the room was cleaned.

Then, I went to Housing. As it turned out, I had perfect timing. As I described the situation in the Lodge to the receptionist, the Housing Director walked by, so I was able to tell him the story too. He does not have authority over the Lodge or BOQ on base (the two locations where people who are waiting for housing are allowed to live), but he sent emails on our behalf to try to get us into a room in the BOQ. That was a promising idea, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

So, while waiting for our new room to be emptied and cleaned, I went to Ikea with my friend Michelle in search of decorating ideas, a futon, and organizational stuff. I left with about 80 pictures of items and their price tags to show Michael. I found a few great items that will be helpful in our next house, too.

It was also my first time driving off base! It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be – it’s easier to stay on the correct side of the road when there are lots of other cars driving around. Near Ikea is also a huge American-style shopping mall. I’m sure that nothing in there would fit me, much like everything else in this country, but it would be nice to walk around there one day!

Anyway, Michael and I finally moved our things into the new room last night. It has the same layout as our pervious room, so we mostly put things in the same place blow ever, the move gave me the opportunity to sort and reorganize my clothes and shoes. I packed-up my cold weather gear, and we put out suitcases in the closet. It took 2hrs, but I’m glad that at least we have a new room. Hopefully the roaches won’t find us here!!!

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  1. Oh, that’s so scary! Something similar happened to me last year, and it scared me so much that I screamed for approximately three hours. Roaches are gross. In Tampa, they have these massive cockroaches with antennae that are called “palmetto bugs.” The first time I saw one after moving down there, I started screaming “OH MY GOD! It’s a roach! It’s awful!” My boyfriend was like “No, no, calm down.. that’s not a roach, it’s just a palmetto bug.” Same thing! More awful!

    Now they’re all over the outside of our house in Atlanta. They find their way inside sometimes, too. I don’t know how or why. We keep things clean. I guess it’s just more common in the South. After a few years down here, I’m more accustomed to seeing them. That doesn’t make it okay, though!

    Good luck with your new room. I hope the roaches stay away!

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