Happy marriage, happy life.

When Michael first broached the topic of moving to Japan, I knew instinctively that we should come here – I knew that Japan would be a really positive experience for us. Sure, there are lots of amazing travel opportunities, and it is very exciting to life in a foreign country. However … what I really wanted was an opportunity for Michael and I start fresh and build a life together, as a married couple. In the 8 months that we’ve been married so far, our focus has been integrating our previously-independent lives. Now that we’re in Japan, we have the opportunity to meet a whole new set of friends – friends that we make as a couple – and to move into a new place together – one that is neither his or mine. I think that I’ve written about all this before.

It turns out, we found another “hidden gem” of beings stationed there : we are meeting other 30-something couples who do not have children. There are very, very few married couples in the military who do not have children after the age of 28. So, it is amazing to meet other childless, 30-something couples who share our interests. What is most satisfying, though, is that the couples we have befriended are obviously very much in love and behave just as we do. It’s so nice to hang out with couples who prioritize each other, who show their love for each other, and who aren’t ashamed to behave as loving husband or wife in front of others. Unfortunately our main couple-friends are leaving in a few weeks, but I’m sure that we will meet more friends the longer we live here.

I think that the biggest challenge with having parent-friends is that we don’t share the same lifestyle. I also think that parents prefer to befriend other parents – again, it’s the lifestyle thing and nothing “against” childless people.

However, I think that deployments create situations where friendships can come easily because EVERYONE shares the lifestyle of a missing spouse. I’m happy to walk over to a parent-friend’s house with a bottle of wine after her kids go to bed. I’m fine with grabbing lunch with her kids in tow. Heck, lets take the kids to Tokyo Disney! The guys are gone and the situation is different, and I want emotionally supportive friends, regardless of their child-status. Hopefully my friendships with moms can convert into couple-friendships after the husbands come home.

In other news … I think that I found a 2nd English class! I’ll teach an English class on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I can’t wait! I got both classes through the same person, and I’m looking forward to starting this week. I should make over $100/week, and both classes are nearby. I still have my tutoring gig on base until school lets out for the summer.

I had a major food melt-down yesterday because I can’t stand eating-out anymore. We have been living in hotels since we moved out of our house – 6 weeks ago! I actually skip meals because there is absolutely nothing that is appetizing to me anymore. I don’t want to even look at boxed food, or fast food, or a restaurant menu anymore! Ugh. I crave things like home cooked omelets and casseroles because we can’t make them here. Oh, to have a freshly-grilled hot dog! My fingers are crossed that we hear from Housing this week. We know of three families who moved out of their base housing last week … maybe we’ll be offered one of their places. A girl can dream.

I’ve also apparently degenerated into a crazy corgi lady. Michael was witness to me jogging down the block in order to head-off a woman who was walking her corgi. Thankfully, the owner was happy to let my pet her adorable corgi — his name was Rook and he was SO HANDSOME! He licked and nuzzled me lots. Michael finally caught up and showed Rook’s owner phone pictures of Norma. Oh, I miss her so much.

I’ve started compiling cute deployment gift ideas for Michael. I have a few really, really fantastic ideas for things that he can take with him. Does anyone have any ideas to share?! I’ll make a big post detailing what I made/did for him after he deploys.

Last thing – shout-out to the reader who found me on Twitter and told me that she enjoys my blog! Thank you!! I write this blog mainly for myself and my family, but it’s nice to hear that other military significant others enjoy my rambling 🙂


  1. I totally agree about the parent-friends vs. non-parent-friends. One of my best friends has 2 kids, but it’s not always easy. We have to plan our hang outs around the kids (which I don’t mind), but it makes it more difficult to make time for each other because we live such different lifestyles.
    My husband and I are 24 and we already feel like everyone has kids! lol. I can’t imagine how slim the pickings will be when we get to be older.

  2. Ughhh, I totally understand about the sans-kids thing. I’m still searching for another spouse that doesn’t have any little ones, and it’s like a warped game of Where’s Waldo?. My hubby and I also have an age gap between us that’s larger than most military couples, so that makes it even more difficult. I kind of want to live in base housing at our next locale just so that I can be more easily immersed with those in similar circumstances. I think being in Japan, or any foreign location, really helps with creating a tighter community. You’ll find someone(s)! 🙂

    And, holy cow, good luck with getting a freakin’ house! That’s ridiculous!

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