Pictures from our wedding and reception.

Our wedding reception professional pictures arrived during our move to Japan, and I completely forgot to post pictures here, as promised. So, here they are, along with pictures from our wedding.

Michael and I were married in on 15 August 2012 in La Jolla, CA, and we had our wedding reception on 16 February 2013 in Philadelphia, PA. I loved our wedding and our reception, and what I loved best is that they were completely different experiences.

Our wedding was intimate, tropical, and romantic. We were married at the Estancia Hotel and Spa on a Wednesday afternoon. The Estancia is a slice of paradise – I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful it is, so I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves. The venue smells of jasmine and it is so lush. We were married in a little garden with only 13 of us present, plus 2 wedding crashers (Michael’s best friends from childhood!). We had pictures at the Estancia prior to the wedding, pictures with the family and pictures on the beach post-wedding, and then we had a small wedding dinner in a private dining room. It was perfect.

Our wedding photography was done by Chelsea Anne Photography She is based in the San Diego area and I HIGHLY recommend her for any type of photography, especially weddings. She was incredibly professional and quick, and her pictures are absolutely beautiful. These are just my favorites. I have 100s of others just like these! There are a few non-professional photos thrown in there too.


Our wedding reception took place at the historic Ritz-Carlton Hotel on a Saturday night. We hosted a Friday night Happy Hour at the hotel bar; afterwards, the other “youngsters” joined us at a local bar for a late dinner and corn hole. On Saturday, I spent the day with a friend in a quiet room chilling out. My cousin did my hair and I did my own makeup. Michael and I did pictures before Happy Hour alone and with our families. During Happy Hour, we set-up a little photo booth where we look pictures with our guests! That was a LOT of fun, and it was my favorite part of the whole reception. It was the perfect way to greet people and thank them for coming. The reception was a great party – my favorite part of the reception was the ice luge. I was walloped by a few people there, but I was next to serve them 😉 The reception itself lasted until 11pm, and then many of us closed the hotel bar at 2am. Around then, 4 of us ventured into Philadelphia for cheesesteaks. I fell asleep face down on the floor of our suite living room around 4:30am (I wasn’t very drunk – I was just a mess!). We managed to make it to brunch at 11am – we were hosting, so it was kinda important that we went 😉 I wore my original wedding gown (which was cut shorter!) to brunch. It was a great reception and a really nice way to say “see you later” to our friends and families before we moved to Japan.

Our wedding reception photography was done by David Savoie, who works out of the Philadelphia area, but travels for photography gigs! He’s a fantastic photographer and I highly recommend him – he was a lot of fun to work with and took incredible pictures. He and his assistant did a phenomenal job covering all the action and I LOVE how our photo booth pictures turned out. Wow. They actually took all of those in the room with us – they weren’t an automatic timer thing or anything.

So, that’s our wedding story 🙂 My engagement ring belonged to my mom, and we got engaged exactly 90 days before our wedding. We wouldn’t change anything about any of it. The whole thing, from start to finish, was perfect. Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of our wedding and reception.

Here are a few added bonus pictures of our baby corgi when she was very much still a baby. She was born 2 days before we got married in August!

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  1. Such pretty pictures! Looks like getting married twice with only one husband! 😉 I’m glad you included the scowly-grumpy-faced Norma picture! That has to by my favorite Norma pic, it makes me laugh every time I see her scowly face!

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