Finally! Good news from Housing!

Michael just got “the call” from Housing – we should be receiving a house within the next 10 – 14 days (they told us 10, but they’re so unreliable that I’m going to say that it’ll be 14 days). We don’t know any details on the house, other then that it is on base and it will probably be an apartment or a townhouse with some form of yard. I’d even be happy with a 2nd floor apartment because at least we would have a side yard for the dog. The dude who called Michael said something about how it was “a good thing” that Norma isn’t here yet. We’re not sure what THAT comment means, but we’ll see how this pans out. I’m just very happy that a house is on the horizon, and maybe Michael will be able to help with the moving process before he deploys.

And, just now, we received word that our home goods arrived and are ready for delivery anytime in May!!! I can’t believe how lucky we got!! We should be able to move into our house on day 1 with all of our homegoods. PHEW.

Also, you may have noticed that I purchased my domain from WordPress! I don’t think that anything changes for readers, but I hope to have a little more control over the layout this way. We’ll see!

We also got a renter in our Virginia Beach house! The rent doesn’t cover everything, but at least we aren’t bleeding money anymore. Double phew.

And, WE GOT A CAR! Pictures to come.

It’s a quiet day here. It’s literally quiet because the cable randomly went out for a few hours (it’s back on now). We have cable problems at least every other day … not sure why, and hopefully it’s not a continued issue at our house!

We had a Farewell (we call them a Bail) on Thursday night at CAG’s house. We had a really, really nice (late!) night. Note to self – when a party is at someone’s house, it’s more casual then the usual Hail/Farewell!

I had a long day on Friday because I got up early to go to an area called Ebina. There’s a big mall there and I did some shopping. Michael joined me for lunch, and then we went car shopping. We decided to buy a minivan type vehicle from a departing officer. We were settled in for the night when we got a late-night text to meet friends over at the O Club for drinks … so we did that. I came home after midnight, but most of the group (including Michael) went out for spicy rice off base.

Saturday was a crazy, fun day! It was the annual Spring Festival on base. The general Japanese public were allowed on base, base bands performed, lots of Japanese and American vendors had food and goods stands, there was a large flea market, and the air squadrons had jets and on display. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect to be outside all day. We started the evening on a friend’s patio around a fire and had pizza. We ended the evening at the O Club – we got home at 2am. It was a LONG day!

Yesterday was less exciting but another nice day. We went to lunch with friends in Ebina and then crashed at home. I have a sinus infection (as usual!) so I was down for the count all day today. Ugh. I’m starting to feel better, but I was feeling terrible last night.

Michael just got home. We are going to dinner and a movie tonight with friends!

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