Appreciating a quiet week.

Week 3 in Japan has been very quiet – phew, what a relief!

I think that the most exciting thing that I have to report is that my Vera Bradley purchases arrived yesterday! I can finally go for walks without my wallet (curses that women’s warm weather athletic gear rarely feature pockets!). I bought a handy-dandy lanyard with a card holder, so I can just carry my ID, room card, and a cc, if needed.

For those of you planning a visit to Japan, I have a really good suggestion for you: invest in a wallet that has an external LARGE coin pocket, such as this pretty Vera Bradley zip-around wallet that I am not so secretly lusting after. I purchased one like this in a different color that was on sale, and it’s my new favorite useful thing. It’s not unusual to carry thousands of yen around in a coin pocket – if you have that much coin in an internal coin pocket in your wallet, your wallet won’t close. This is NOT a credit card society. Arm yourself!

I attended a “Teaching English in Japan” seminar on base yesterday at Fleet and Family Services. I was surprised that only 8 people attended, given that this is “the thing to do” among the spouses who are stationed here. I had no idea how much money I could make teaching English. On the other hand, I only plan to work one or two days per week. We’ll be happy if I make 100 yen per week, which is approximately $102 per week in dollars.

I need to look into having Japanese-English business cards and fliers made to post in the community off-base. I’d prefer to work with intermediate to advanced level English learners, but we’ll see what I actually get. I’m lucky that I already have a weekly class booked, which will earn me 5000-6000 yen. Really, who knows. Maybe I’ll only do that one class. Maybe I’ll find 2 more classes. We’ll see! I’m not too motivated at the moment because I’m so focused on spending as much time as possible with Michael before he deploys.

We haven’t heard about housing yet. I would volunteer some time in housing for to help them get things moving in a positive direction (and get us a house!), but that doesn’t seem to be an option. We know that there are at least 3 O-3s in 2 bedrooms (what we’re eligible for) who are leaving within the next 8 weeks. We should have been told by now if we are getting any of those apartments, but we haven’t been … and yet we’re still sitting at the top of the list? Two words: Hot. Mess. 

In other personal news, I think that I’m officially getting old. In the last few months, I’ve developed a serious dislike of people who are rude – whether they’re momentarily rude or rude all the time. I go out of my way to be kind to people, but I’ve seriously about had it with people who waste my time and efforts. Am I becoming a big grouch?! The answer is probably yes.

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