Visiting Ginza!

As part of our week long seminar (AOB-ICE), we went off base, took trains, and explored part of Tokyo all by ourselves!! After a very short class this morning, the class was driven to the train station on a bus, we received a mini orientation at the train station, and then we were set free 🙂

Michael needed a new battery for his Breitling and we needed to go to a Breitling dealer in order to replace the battery (it’s a fancy, schmancy fighter pilot watch). We found a dealer in the Ginza area, so we decided to go to the dealer today!

The train ride there took about an hour and we had to change trains twice. The trip went really well. Our main issue was that we hadn’t been to the stations before, so it took us a few minutes to figure out where to go. A few strangers helped us – the Japanese are very, very kind.

Once we got to Ginza, we had no problem finding the Breitling dealer. Ginza is the designer shopping area of Tokyo, and the area was very clean (typical!), shiny, and full of amazing stores. As a matter if fact, the metro train dropped us off in the middle of a nice mall! I did some cosmetics shopping before we left 😉

The first Breitling dealer couldn’t help us, so they directed us to another location. When we asked a stranger for help with our map, he walked us to the store himself! So kind! After we got the watch squared away, we went to a Sanrio (yay Hello Kitty!) store, and then to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Both were great experiences. I am really happy with my level of Japanese language communication – I have a lot to work on, but I’m doing okay! We made a final stop at a bakery and then headed home.

Our reception pictures arrived today, and I’ll post a few of my favorites after I’ve sifted through them. There are almost 1500 pictures!! Whoa!!

We have our Japanese driving test tomorrow – please keep your fingers crossed for us! We are going back to Tokyo tomorrow night and staying the night. Our plan us to visit other areas of Tokyo on Saturday. We are going to another festival with friends on Sunday 🙂 we have a lot of fun stuff going on this weekend! All the fun is keeping me in a lovely state of deployment denial.

Here are some photos from today:















  1. You two look like you are adjusting well. Love the pictures!
    Keep them coming!

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