Our first days in Japan!

Oohayo from Japan! We are settling in and doing really well.

We are unpacked and organized at the Lodge. We have 60 days here before we have to move out, and I think that we’ll be okay here for 60 days. We checked-in to housing yesterday, and it turns out that we are the only O3 family on the housing wait list! That sounds like great news, right? Yeah, no. According to the housing lady, we have a 4-6mo wait for a house. There are a few options for us, but we won’t be able to bring Norma here until we have a place to live on base or until 6mo pass. So, we have some things to discuss in the coming month. More then anything, though, Michael and I don’t and won’t even THINK about moving for a few weeks. We should know a little more about the housing situation in a few weeks, anyway.

The base is very nice, very clean, and the people here are overall really, really nice and helpful toward one another. I get the sense that this is a big, functional community because everyone here under the same circumstances and for the same reason – we’re all in the same boat. I dig it! It’s very different here then it was at Oceana, and for that I am very thankful. Michael’s coworkers’ wives have already made contact with me, invited me out, and friended me on FB, even though we have yet to meet (tonight is the night!).

Our room is fine! It’s fairly large – maybe 400 square feet. My apartment in DC wasn’t much bigger then this place. We have two double beds, a dining room table, a small kitchen nook, and a large bathroom. I’m REALLY happy about the kitchen and bathroom set up, and we even cooked ourselves dinner last night! When we arrived, the room had a stocked kitchen (thanks to Michel’s coworkers!) and all the boxes that we had shipped 2 weeks ago were in the room waiting for us. I spent a few hours yesterday morning unpacking and figuring out how to configure the room. I think that we will buy a plastic shelving/drawer set – that’s something that we’ll probably use in our final home here, too, but we need it here! The laundry is down the hall, and I was very disappointed when I realized that we have to PAY to do our laundry! Again … leave it to the military to nickel and dime its own people. We already have 3 loads of laundry … so annoying. We do have a big closet – it’s the size of two normal size hotel closets. All my clothes fit!

In addition to checking-in and unpacking, we each walked around base quite a bit. The base here is small, so things are kind of on top of each other, but it is nice, and there are some green spaces. We did some shopping at the NEX and Commissary. Both are super small, but totally utilitarian and they have all the necessities. Neither have much variety, but they have everything that we could possibly need. Also, I am thrilled with the women’s shoe department and athletic wear department in the NEX!

We are already eyeing some MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) trips to Tokyo in May. We hope to walk off base for the first time today, but we’ll see what we have time for.

Our Hail is tonight! I’m so excited to meet people! It’s at 4:30, so I guess we’ll have dinner afterwards? Maybe? I’m not sure what to wear … Michael doesn’t have an answer for me because we don’t know where the Hail is, yet. I’ll probably wear a sundress kind of thing with a little sweater. We are invited to a potluck tomorrow night, and I hope to go to a festival off base on Sunday. I really need to get Michael’s feet wet in Japan.

Japan, so far, reminds me of a few countries I’ve visited previously, and therefore I’m pretty comfortable and ready to go off base.

I will post some pictures later. Unfortunately the internet here kind of sucks. Look for a pictures-only post later 🙂

Have a good day, everyone!

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