The ups and downs of being a guest of the Navy.

*I wrote this last night (03/26/13), but because the wifi was down, I didn’t have the opportunity to publish it until today!

As I type this, I am sitting in a quiet and unhappy BOQ. The power unexpectedly went out a half hour ago, and with it went the Internet. The power came on a few minutes ago, but the wireless did not. We called the Internet people (whoever they are – Michael knew to call them), and the woman he talked to was typically totally clueless and didn’t know her head from her butt. Then we called the front desk, and it sounded like a full scale nuclear meltdown was occurring down there – I could hear mechanical dysfunction and grinding through the phone – hilarious! So, we put on our favorite movie, The Hunt for Red October, to listen to while we play on our cell phones — aka we’re NOT watching Game of Thrones, our current favorite show – BOO. Btw, this isn’t an unusual situation with the Navy. They’re not here to make money from their residents in the BOQ, so who knows when the wireless will be back up and running (and, for that matter, the tv and room phone!). Thank goodness for computer movies 🙂

Yesterday morning, I decided to go for a long walk around base. NAS Whidbey Island is located in a beautifully breathtaking and awe-inspiring setting. The designers of the base created a series of paved trails along the coastline so that the base “inhabitants” (for lack of a better term?) could take it all in. I found the path by accident as I was walking around the track.

Michael and I would be very happy if he was somehow stationed here in the future. Unfortunately there aren’t any F-18 pilot jobs here, so he would have to be much further advanced in his career in order for us to be placed here.

Michael’s favorite part of this base is that they have civilian planes available for rent by Navy personnel holding a civilian pilot’s license. My favorite part of the base is the outdoor activity opportunities. Next to the walking trail, I found picnic tables at various locations, all with spectacular views. I hope that at least one day that we’re here is warm, dry, and sunny during lunchtime so that Michael and I can enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the Sound and mountains.

I really, really enjoyed walking outside yesterday. It reminded me of things I actually love doing, and it also reminded me that I’m going to a new place where I can create the life that I want for myself, rather then trying to fit into the life that was possible for me in Virginia. I get to start from the beginning in Japan. I’m not entering a life that Michael had already established before I came along. I am sooo looking forward to building a life with Michael, rather then stepping into his. I’m looking forward to building a life pattern for myself while Michael is deployed. I’m going to go back to 90% vegetarian because that’s the kind of food that I most enjoy. I’m going to set-up my Pilates/weight circuit equipment in the middle of the living room so that I can workout while I watch tv. I’m going to teach English to a few clients. I’m going to ride my beach cruiser anywhere and everywhere. I’m going to travel. I’m going to make friends with people in addition to the wives of my husband’s coworkers. And, most of all, I’m going to find things to do that I am passionate about and that make me happy.

Happy. I’m already there, but I can’t wait to experience happy^3 in Japan!








PS – this is the 2nd week in a row that I didn’t write a ‘Hey it’s okay’ post. I’m slackin, but hey it’s okay to slack once in a while 😉


  1. #homesick
    haha I never use the hashtag things but I think it’s fitting here!

    P.S. You know there are a lot of people that retire from the Navy on Whidbey, right? They either get out when they’re there or they return. Perfect place to retire to. 😉 Norma would LOVE it! The weather wouldn’t be too hot and there would be plenty of places to go run on the beach and carry big sticks around. haha

    1. Every time I see a beach covered in driftwood, I think of Norma trying to drag a giant log across the beach 🙂 She would certainly LOVE it here!

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