Our trip West.

Our trip West will continue until we ultimately reach Japan … but right now we are at our 2nd stop, Whidbey Island in Washington. On our way here we stopped in Golden, CO for Michael’s sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful, snowy weekend, and we had a great time! I was one of her Bridesmaids and Michael was an Usher.










We actually set an an all-time personal record for quick check-ins and security lines at Denver International, thanks to flying a small airline and using our military status to do the quick security line thing. I napped for most of the flight to Washington, but I took these photos out of the window early in the flight. The Rockies are sooo beautiful!!



I also took this photo of farm polkadots somewhere over Washington … I’m not sure what the situation was here, but it sure is pretty! I’d love to have a quilt of these little circles.


For the 2nd consecutive time, all of our luggage arrived!!! I get excited about the luggage thing mainly due to the fact that were traveling with 8 checked bags and 4 carry-ons. We’re the couple that the airlines DREAD. Muahaha.


On our first night here, we managed to watch the sunset. It is the first West Coast sunset I’ve seen in several years, and it was special to share it with Michael. I’ll post more about the base and life here later this week … for now, enjoy the sunset 🙂










  1. My husband and I are stationed as Naval Base Kitsap (just south of Whidbey). I think you are in WA for the best weather week we’ve had in a long time. Good luck in your travels.

    1. Thank you! We’ve heard from a few “local” friends that the weather has been nicer then it has been any day so far this year 🙂 The weather must’ve known that we wanted sunny days before our move!

  2. The circle things are for irrigation. Most likely you were over Eastern WA (or in Idaho). The farmers will irrigate with a sprinkler arm thing that pivots at one point (center). Usually it’s in areas with fertile ground/open space but not always a ton of rainfall, hence the need for irrigation. Eastern WA grows a lot of hay (alfalfa, orchard, timothy) and one of the ways that they can get multiple cuttings -make more $- is to irrigate through the summer months. They do grow other crops as well, wheat, corn, potatoes, etc. Lots of cattle in that country too.

    To back up my explanation I will point you to Wikipedia. Not always a good source but at least it is good for understanding things. 🙂 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_pivot_irrigation

  3. Are you still in Whidbey? If so, go out to West Beach and watch the sunset, or catch one off/over/near Deception Pass!!! THOSE are beautiful! We lived right up off of West Beach and had a great view of the sunset and the water. My parents’ new house is now on the other side of the island and so they get the sunrises. Not as pretty, I don’t think.

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