I have a bike in my dining room!

I have a bike in my dining room! My bike arrived less then 18hrs after Michael ordered it via his Amazon app on his iPhone. Yeah Amazon Prime! He was kind enough to put it together for me tonight. I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow … that is, if I can locate the bike tire pump … And I can’t wait to ride it all over my neighborhood and base in Japan!!

Tonight was out first spouse chat! It was a nice hour spent talking to some really nice people 🙂 I think that we’ll try Skype next time, though.

I am SO TIRED, so I need to cut this short. My stress level is escalating quickly and I still have so much to accomplish :/

Goodnight, friends!


  1. So nice! Can’t wait to see pics of you riding around in Japan on it! How are you getting it to Japan?

  2. I did some research and it turns out that if we want to use Skype to have a group video call, at least one person on the call has to have Skype Premium ($4.99/month or more). So, G+ it is! Also, if you give me your email address (you can send it through my blog’s contact page), I have a couple more things to talk to you about with the chat stuff. xo. 😉

    1. We are actually going to buy Skype Premium when we get to Japan! If I it works out and only I need to have it to group chat, maybe we’ll try that next time 🙂

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