Hey, it’s okay: the calm before the storm.

Today has been nonstop. In exactly a week, the house will be totally empty and we will be in a hotel room. I can’t believe that things are moving so fast!!!

Per my usual forgetfulness, I am technically posting my weekly HIO post in the wee, small hours of Wednesday. This week, I’m writing from bed because I can’t sleep! Stupid anxiety …

Hey, it’s okay:

– if I bought the pinkest, girliest bicycle that I could find for use in Japan. It’s soooo pretty! See the picture below. I also purchased baskets for the front and back, a helmet, a lock, and night lights.

– if I dgaf about anything related to this locality anymore (well, minus my friends!) and that I’m mentally moving on to Japan. My time here is up, I’ve learned and grown all I can, I’ve become more then I imagined, and I’m ready to move away for a few years.

– if I’m nerdy-excited for our spouse chat tomorrow!! Yay!! 5pm EST!!

– if I like me and accept myself more these days … cuz I do. Not sure what changed in the last few days, but I’m in a good place right now.


One last thought of the night –

I’ve noticed something lately that is bothering me. I’m confused as to why some older/more experienced/former military wives and brats are mean to younger and less experienced wives. I haven’t personally experienced this recently, but a few friends have from mother in laws, wives of their husbands’ superiors, neighbors, etc get mean girl on them related to military wife stuff.

And, I’ll expand my statement to this: why are some military wives mean to other military wives? Aren’t we all in the same boat? Many of us inexperienced wives are just seeking help or advice, and we get put down. Notably, I hear a lot of women passing judgements on others, such as: “She’ll never make it as a military wife” or “She’s going to drive her husband crazy”.

Well, that buck is stopping with me. I’m going to stand up and say, right now, that I’m not going to fall into that mean girl trap and I’m going to hold myself accountable to mean girl behavior that I could display in the future.

End of rant. Life is good and happy over here!

Here’s a dose of floofy happiness for you all: corgi butt!



  1. I’ve been on all sides of the boat….. military brat, military spouse, & ex-military (Army). So here’s my take: From my experience, it’s not necessarily pre-conceived judgments or being mean per say on the “older-wives” part, I think it has more to do with the stigma that comes along with marrying a soldier, albeit any branch. Thing is, alot of the younger soldiers have been known to marry for reasons other than the right ones..pregnancy, teenage love, money/benefits, etc… While you have nothing to prove to anyone but your marriage, it will be a bit of an awkward adjustment. Just like you would protect your family from outsiders, in the military, the same rules seem to apply for the soldiers. Not to mention, a lot of the “snobbishness” has to do with rank also… I don’t necessarily think it’s right how some are treated, but that’s just how it’s been. Sadly, it’s something that’s been around for many many years and it’s definitely a bureaucracy of sorts. For what it’s worth, in the Army, we have what you call FSG’s (Family Support Groups) that are usually headed up by a higher ranked soldier’s spouse in the unit. It’s been a way to get to know all of the wives, befriend, support, provide transition assistance, community outreach, and so forth. I’m sure there is something similar in the Navy, so my advice is to take advantage of it if it’s available. If not, there’s not reason why it can’t be started. 🙂 Being stationed in Japan will be an interesting & even fun and rewarding experience for you, but it can also be a bit stressful in the beginning. Not only did you marry your husband who is a soldier, but you married the military first. 😉

    I think it’s a great thing you are doing with creating a support chat group. Once you get settled in overseas, why not try to keep that going and introduce it to your fellow unit spouses? It might be a good way to bridge the gap and communicate with one another, all the while breaking the ice. 🙂 I may not be in the military anymore, but I’m happy to support in any fashion. Good luck with your chat group and hang in there, you’ll be an “older-wife” before you know it!! 😉

    By the way, LOVE the pink Schwinn!! 🙂

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