Military Spouse Chat Group

Hi ladies,

A few of us will be meeting for the first time online on Wednesday! More details to follow. We are meeting via G+ Hangout, and you can search me and “add me” under the name “Rebecca Stengel”. Amber, let me know when you’re free on Wednesday/what time is good for you, and we’ll meet at the corresponding EST 🙂 I will initiate the Hangout and set it up so that anyone can join. If you add me, G+ will alert you when I start the Hangout and you can join. It’s really that easy – no invitation necessary.

I have no idea if more then 2-4 of us will show up to the chat session, but I’m sure that it will be a lot of fun!

We are officially starting the move a week from today, when the movers arrive at our house! Egads! My parents are visiting this weekend to bring some of our fine china and crystal back to their house, as well as our dog 😦 We are SOOOO sad that we aren’t bringing the dog right away. We feel bad because we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with her recently due to all of our traveling and our spaying. However, she adores my parents and their cat, so she will be very happy there. After about a week, my parents are shipping her to my in-laws, and they have a dog, Maddie! Norma and Maddie will play play play play play and heard each other 24/7, so I doubt that Norma will miss us much.

I emailed CAG’s wife. CAG will be my husband’s boss while we’re in Japan. I’ve also been posting on the Atsugi Spouses’ FB page and the Navy Spouses’ FB page, asking for info about living on/off base, etc. I’m so nervous!


  1. I’m glad we’re “meeting” (again) this week! Wednesday should be pretty open for me, except for a Target/Trader Joe’s run in the morning. I’ll be home again by 10am PST, so if there is a convenient time after that for any/everyone else participating, let me know and I’ll be there. 🙂

  2. I have a 1pm hair appointment to get a Brazilian Blow Out (not sure what this entails yet), but I assume that I’ll be home by 4:30. So, if we do 5pm EST, will that work for you?

  3. I will certainly try to be on for this. I am flying out to see my boyfriend on Wednesday and depending on how tired I am and what we do that night. I Will watch for the updates! 🙂

  4. Are you going to Atsugi? I saw it here yesterday and asked my mom today where she lived when my grandpa was stationed in Japan. They were in Atsugi too! My mom told me to tell you to take advantage of the train system when you get the chance and go see all the sights. She gave me a laundry list of things that you should try to check out! 🙂 Of those I remember she said “The Buddah” and some gardens that are supposed to be really pretty.

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