A painfully stressful day.

Gah. Today. Is. Awful.
Good News: it’s 6pm. The day is almost over.

The dog is acting stir crazy and broke her cone. She also had a reaction to her pain meds. I spent almost 3hrs today dealing with my student loan lenders who refuse to accept an APO or FPO address as my home address, but also refuse to accept my foreign home mailing address as my home address. Noooo idea what I’m going to do with that fucked-up mess. Then Michael and I spent hours at Navy offices today. Needless hours. Right hand didn’t know what the left was doing/humans are slow processors. I came home and made dinner, and I forgot to add a few ingredients. Oops. More moving people inspected our house today. we dont have any interest from people for renting our awesome house while we’re away. There are way too many moving parts at the moment and Michael and I are struggling to stay in sync with our decision making. (Insert stressed shriek here)

Rant over.

Here are some photos of Norma from today. She has a stick addiction problem.




  1. What a bummer. 😦 1. Can you use your parents’ or other relatives’ address for your student loan stuff and have them forward it to you..? Or, use a PO Box? 2. Anything involving Navy personnel and paperwork will go wrong. I think it’s an addendum to Newton’s Laws. 3. If we get orders to where your house is located, we’d be happy to rent it! Too little too late by then though, I’d imagine, but we’re pretty awesome renters! 4. All of this PCS stuff will be over soon and you’ll be enjoying your new foreign address and I’ll be sitting here jealous of all of the awesome food you’ll be eating.

    1. Thankfully it’s 11pm here on the East Coast, which means that this day is pretty much OVER and tomorrow is a new and better day. 🙂 I totally agree that there’s something with Navy paperwork and Newton’s Laws – after everything was finally scheduled and figured out today and we were about to leave the travel office, my husband discovered that my birthday was incorrect on the travel orders paperwork, so that had to be fixed … so typical! And, yes, please rent our digs! 🙂

  2. Do you have a permanent address in the states that you use? Andrew and his parents both used his grandparent’s as their permanent one. His parents were over in Japan for 3 yrs.

    1. I was told today that the “rules have changed”, and since I’m married, I need to use my actual street/mailing address. I hate borrowing $$ … and this is why! I ended up signing up to do everything via direct payment from our checking account, which I also hate. I know that it’s a typical thing nowadays, but it just irks me. Oh well!

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