“Hey, it’s okay” Tuesday

John Legend has a song called “Another Again” (posted at the bottom). The title came to mind as I started my weekly blog post 🙂

Hey, it’s okay:

1. that I’m THRILLED that the neighbors are moving out today. They blast gospel music at ungodly hours on the weekends … like, pre-8am on Saturdays. It’s so loud that it can be heard clear-as-day down the street. It’s almost as bad as having neighbors who are up all night blasting music.

2. that I’m becoming frantic and crazy stressed about the move to Japan. I was just telling a friend that I feel like this is my big military-moving learning curve. After this move, all others will seem easy in comparison.

3. that it’s taking me a while to finish my wedding reception thank you notes. I have about 30 done as of now, but I have at least another 30 to go …

4. if I decided to post a picture of Miss Norma on reedit. You can view the picture here, and you can comment on it here.

5. My husband also posted a freaking AWESOME picture that he took out of his window “at work”. Here is where you can read the comments or jump into the conversation. His post is WAYYY more popular then mine 😉

6. that I’m nervous about taking care of poor Norma tonight. She was spayed this morning and I am going to pick her up for recovery in a few hours. I’ve never cared for an animal that is in pain before, and I hope that I do a good job 😦

7. that this is a super lame-o “Hey, it’s okay” post. I should end it here, anyway, so I can get going on my errands … movers, realtors, and storage people are all coming today to do inspections. Right now I’m going to run out to Marshalls and look at their luggage options. I found a very cheapo luggage option on Amazon earlier, and I also found this much nicer option at LL Bean. The LL Bean bag was suggested to me by a friend who moved to Germany with the Army a few years ago. She bought two and it was all she needed for the first few weeks that she was there living out of her suitcases.

Here is John Legend’s song, “Another Again”! Enjoy – he’s one of my favorite artists!


  1. You’ll do just fine with little Norma! You’re her momma after all. 🙂 You just make them comfortable and hope she goes to sleep. Way easier than taking care of a human male since they are absolutely pathetic when the slightest bit injured or sick! She probably won’t feel like doing much which makes it easier. Just lay out a couple of old, fluffy towels folded up so they’re like a soft little bed for her to lay on just in case the incision leaks at all. If any gets on the carpet, hydrogen peroxide will get it out and won’t damage the carpet.

    I wish our upstairs neighbors would move out! I listened to their fight while I got ready for work the other day. I even shushed Andrew so I could listen! haha

    1. Thanks for the advice!! So funny about your neighbors – we’ve definitely turned down the tv a few times to listen to our neighbors fight! It’s funny to me that they all-out battle, and then listen to praise music the next morning together … perhaps trying to atone for their sins the night before?! Glad that they’re leaving!!

  2. I so hate loud neighbors! I’ve been lucky so far but we did have people a couple of houses down who had a LOUD car that he liked to rev at 6 AM. I seriously wanted to egg the ugly thing. Luckily they moved.

  3. Every time Charlie (my yellow lab) goes under anesthesia, she’s “out of it” for several hours. As bad as it sounds, she’s hysterical to watch because she bobs and weaves all over the house and randomly collapses for naps! Needless to say, I don’t think you’ll have much work to do and I don’t think Norma will be feeling much of anything! 😉

    Also, as someone who has moved around 5,000 times with the Navy (…slight exaggeration…), invest in a good luggage set! I can’t tell you how many tears, broken wheels and handles, and just general luggage disasters I’ve had. And, buy Space Bags! They are so handy!

    1. Space bags are a GREAT idea!! I definitely need to get those!!! We ended up buying the super cheapo 4ft “duffel bags”, but if they break by the time we get to Japan, we’re okay with that. We actually have a nice set (thanks wedding!), but it doesn’t include any gigantic bags. Also, lets pick a day for next week for the chat session? 🙂

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