A quiet evening … finally.

I just purchased wedding and shower gifts for my dear friend Liz and my sister in law Mya. I’m especially proud of the cards I purchased – this is one of them, and this is the other. Adorable, right? Both of them are receiving the 2nd one, and the first one is specifically Mya’s wedding card. Etsy is such a blessing when it comes to finding special cards and gifts for special people. Although it requires some planning as far as purchasing the cards with enough time for them to be made and shipped to you, I think special cards are a nice touch.

I’ve been insanely sick in the last 36hrs. I woke up at 4am with a 103.7* fever. I thought about taking myself to the hospital, but I was afraid to drive, but not sick enough to convince myself to call 911. I ended up taking a long, cool shower, which brought my temp down to 102. I’ve had intermittent fevers for several days, and tonight I’m less feverish and just flat-out exhausted. Hopefully my exhaustion is signaling the end. I don’t think that I can stand another cool shower and my face is bright red from bowing my nose so often. Yuck!

This experience has also shown me how difficult it will be to raise children while Michael is in the Navy. In his current squadron, we’re truly an island. Since this is a non-deployable squadron, there is no “family” feeling and people don’t help each other out or even really associate outside of work. He says that it will be different and better once we’re in a real squadron that has support for its pilots’ families, but I’m more nervous now then ever about having kids. I also think that this experience is a good reason to live on base in Japan. Living on base would be a community unto itself, regardless of squadron. I needed help with the dog this weekend, but nobody was available to help. Even the one person who had promised to help today fell through, and I spent a lot of time crying yesterday and today. It seems silly to be so stressed about being sick and having to take care of the dog, but it was miserable having to walk the dog 4-6x per day in the cold with a high fever. Usually the walks broke the fever, so by the time I’d get home I’d be sweaty, wheezing, and in tears. At least if we lived on base, I could hire a local kid to walk the dog whenever I needed. YAY FOR BEING SICK WHILE THE HUSBAND IS GONE!

Despite being sick, I’ve made some very slow head-way on separating out stuff for the move. I’m trying to decide how many china, crystal, and silver pieces that I want to bring with us. At this point I’m only bringing my favorite (replaceable) pieces – I feel like even if we host Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, having just three or four fancy pieces will be enough, especially with a few nice linens (since we don’t own too many linens, I’m bringing all of them).

I haven’t posted pictures of the dog in a bit, so here is your fix 🙂 Enjoy – she is such a ham!






Butt on Michael, head on the table.
Butt on Michael, head on the table.
THE LOOK when Michael took the popcorn away.
THE LOOK when Michael took the popcorn away.


Creeping on our popcorn during movie night.
Creeping on our popcorn during movie night.





  1. I understand your fear of having kids right now, but I also think that having kids helps to improve the whole “family” feeling of being in the Navy regardless of the squadron (I’ve been associated with several different kinds–training, shore duty, deployable, etc.). In my own experience, you get shoved in front of all kinds of “opportunities” when you’re single or sans kids in the military (ie: deployments, IA, night shift, etc.). Maybe it’s different for officers..?

    Also, I do wish that we would have lived in military housing rather than out in town. We should have done more research on that when deciding where to live, since I feel so isolated where we are. I think being in Japan will be different, mainly because I imagine that being in a foreign country will create more of a feeling of unity among military members and families. You’ll have to let me know! 🙂

    1. When do you find out where you are going next? I vote for Japan so that we can hang out, obviously 😉 But, I do hope that you have the opportunity to come East, since I think that’s where you want to go? I can deifnitely see how having kids could help the “family” feel of the Navy, as we’re kind of add balls since we’re in our 30s and don’t have kids. I’d certainly have a lot more in common with other military wives after I had kids! I don’t think that’s a big difference between officers and enlisted. Most of our friends who are our age have at least 2 kids, and it’s definitely a wedge between me and other wives. I swear sometimes that “be fruitful and multiply” is a commandment of the Navy … 😉

      1. We’ll be able to start looking for orders in May, but my hubby thinks that we’re going to be stuck here in San Diego. This will be his last “tour” before he retires and with all of the possible budget cuts looming, the Navy probably won’t be able to afford to move us anywhere else. Ideally, we’d like to head back east, but who knows, right? I’ll look you up if we’re shipped off to Japan! 🙂

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