A very bad wife moment.

I’m having a rough moment, and I think that my military spouse friends can relate (or could relate at some point).

I’m currently a walking, talking germ. I have: influenza (again), a sinus infection, and the warning signs of pneumonia. My body aches, I can’t sleep, I have a howling cough that scares the dog, I’m snotty, and I’m constantly feverish. I’m taking 4 drugs so I’m probably not contagious at this point, but I’m miserable and gross to be around.

Cue Michael’s last Key West trip at his current squadron; the Navy would never allow for a situation where Michael is available to me when I really, actually need him around. I of course assume that I’ll give birth to all of our children while he’s away too, despite careful planning :/ Anyway …

We woke up super early this morning so that I could drop him off for his flight to Key West. I was all the way home when I realized that he forgot to give me something, so I called him back and I drove allllllll the way back to base in morning rush hour. Now cue an unhappy wife.

When I arrive, he tells me that he’ll meet me in the parking lot in 5-10min. I settle in for a 15-20min wait.

At minute 40, I start loosing my cool. I can’t walk into his office, like I could if he had a normal job. I can’t call his desk. I try his cell phone 10 times and he’s not answering. Texts don’t work either, and it has now been over 45 minutes.

Oh yes. I started a full-on temper tantrum. I’d like to blame it on my fever and my lack if sleep, but I really can’t. I’m just not good at dealing with the constant €$!@•+& disappointments of the Navy.

I’ve been told by numerous wives that I’ll eventually get used to the unpredictability, the disappointments, the inconsistencies, and the arbitrariness of the Navy. I am getting sooo much better when it comes to dealing with separations and his working unpredictably long hours, but I really hate that he can’t just flipping walk something out to the parking lot where his wife is waiting for him because he’s stuck doing something with someone. I hate that he can’t answer my text because so-and-so is there. I hate that 5 minutes in military time is 45 minutes in real time.

I know that this WILL get better because I will get better at dealing with Naval ridiculousness, but I wish it would happen sooner then later! Humph!

So, here’s how the story ends: Michael’s flight was cancelled and I’m picking him up right now. I’ve officially exceeded my quota of time on base for today (I’ve been here for 90min now) … time to go home and go back to sleep. Thank goodness!!!!


  1. Yep, that’s relate-able! Last month, my hubby called me to bring in his dress uniform ASAP, so what did I do? I brought it in ASAP and then sat in the squadron parking lot for 30 minutes waiting for him to answer my numerous phone calls and text messages telling him to get his crap (hah.). I ended up leaving the uniform in the duty office and ran into my wonderful husband on my way back to the car. :/ And then last week, my hubs got really sick and pitiful and begged me to drive him to Medical on base during morning rush hour traffic. He had to go to sick call first, then make an appointment for two hours later, then go to said appointment for an hour, and then finally to the pharmacy to pick up meds. Where was I this whole time? Sitting in the car in Medical’s parking lot. Yay.

    I do hope that you feel better. With that cancelled flight, I hope your hubby can help nurse you back to health!

    1. I TOTALLY feel better after reading your reply!! If someone who was formerly in the military has the same feelings as me, I feel a little more validated. I felt like such a jerk sitting there, waiting all that time — it’s just not a situation that arrises regularly with 99.9% of civilian jobs. I didn’t want to leave, especially because I’d get to see him briefly before he left for a little while, but … man oh man!! And yes, he’s being a very good nurse. I’m so glad he stayed! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. Oh no! We hope you feel better soon!!!!

    You’re lucky Michael gets to have his phone, Andrew can’t have it at all because all their stuff is all classified — stupid submarines. :/ Everyone that tells me “oh you’ll get used to it, etc.” I just want to punch in the face. I bet you’re feeling that right now too.

    Does Norma bark whenever you cough? Gwen barked at Andrew with his pneumonia for a couple days and then gave up that he was broken and wouldn’t do what she wanted (to be quiet). haha.

    1. LOL about punching people in the face – I agree. That comment is ranked up there with “you knew what you were getting into”. I feel like it MUST get better over time, based upon my newly acquired okay-ness with Michael’s comings and goings now, but I feel like it gets better once you acquire a tolerance for the waiting, the disappointment, the slight discomfort, etc. It’s not that it gets easy, it’s that you become more tolerant? I don’t know. Maybe my friend Amber, who posted above, can shed some light for us 🙂

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