Hey, it’s okay Tuesday!

First thing first: Michael is home! Wohoo!

Second thing: I came across this really great idea for Tuesdays on a blog that a friend of a friend follows. Yes, I spent a good hour just now perusing random peoples’ blogs. Interesting stuff!

Anywho – here I am writing my very first “Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday” post. The author of the afore mentioned blog writes a weekly “Hey, It’s Okay” post that highlights a list of things that it’s okay to be okay about it. Get it?


Hey it’s okay:

– to like your dog more then 99.9% of the people kids other sentient beings whom  you encounter. No apologies.

– to check under the bed and the bedroom closet for vampires aliens supernatural occurrences burglars, even if you’re 31! Thanks, Fringe!

– to care about causes and speak up about things that YOU care about, despite their popularity among your friends. I care deeply about marriage equality and human rights. Not everyone agrees with me. We’re still friends.

– to spend too much time on Reddit. Guilty. As. Charged.

– to not feel like you’re a failure because you don’t live a Pinterest life. I have an entire board dedicated to this kind of nonsense. You don’t need to make your own baby food to be a good mother! Nor do you have to make handcrafted soaps or hand stamped cards to be a good friend! If you do it, awesome (and post pictures!)! If not, and you’re like me and mainly on there to get wedding and recipe ideas, you’re still a GREAT person. <– I feel like I need to write a whole post about this nonsense sometime.

– to get up and dance to the 3rd song in the video above (minute 10:02)! Do it! Where ever you are, get up, dance, and celebrate being alive!!


  1. Yes, true friends are the ones who won’t freak out if you don’t have the same opinions. I still check my house too! I get paranoid.

  2. Oh I have to agree wholeheartedly with the first one! I have to check and make sure all closet doors are closed before I can go to bed, if not, you never know what could come out of them!!
    My Pinterest “life” consists of pinning tons of pictures of Corgis, labs, and other cute things. Also throw in some Harry Potter and other nerdy things. 🙂 Oh, and I have a whole board dedicated to food I would love to eat! (mostly desserts)

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