A very snowy weekend.

It looks like we’re on the back-end of this separation, and I can’t wait to see Michael sometime this week! I did REALLY well with this separation, and I hope that I’m finally turning the corner with dealing with these work trips. I got at least 7hrs of sleep every night that he’s been gone – and that has been a HUGE issue for me. In past times, I’ve averaged 4-5hrs of sleep per night when Michael has been gone, and, for me, less then 7hrs of sleep is bad news.

The difference, I think, was that I was totally prepared for this separation. I stocked up on food, spent a lot of time cooking, spent a TON of time crafting, worked out, saw several Navy wife friends, and the dog has been lower maintenance then in separations past. Basically, I went into this separation with a plan. In moments when I missed Michael a lot, I knew what to do: distract myself. And, I knew what kinds of distractions would work. Overall, I didn’t let the separation get to me and I’m really, really proud of myself. Now, it’s just a matter of continuing this trend.

I’ve been thinking about how to prepare myself for the BIG separation that starts in May. I have gone through deployments with past boyfriends, but I haven’t gone through any with Michael and I wasn’t married to any of those idiots men. I am grateful, though, that I have a rough idea of what to expect. If we were staying in Virginia, I would have a better opportunity to brace myself and build-up my fortifications in preparation for the deployment, but, I mean, we may not even have a place to live in Japan at the time that Michael deploys. Michael has already been contacting friends in Japan to ask if their wives can help me out. I’m starting to get really nervous about this move. I don’t like when I can’t form an image in my mind of what my future will look like. I have absolutely no idea what kind of situation I’m walking into by moving to Japan. My fingers are crossed that I will meet at least 2 or 3 good friends and that it will work out that we can live on base during the first deployment.

Here are a few pictures of Norma and the snow. Enjoy! And, please keep your fingers crossed that Michael will be home soon!









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