Norma’s first time in the snow.

Today was a great day for Normasaurus Rex; for the first time in her life, she frolicked in the snow!

Snow day in NJWe FINALLY got some snow today – first time all winter! I’m used to very snowy winters, and I love the snow. One of my favorite workouts is shoveling snow. The photo to the left is from 3 winters ago in NJ, where I’m from. And yes, I shoveled the whole thing myself (about 20ft of chest-high snow). I had a convertible at the time, and I didn’t want all that heavy snow sitting on my car’s rag top roof. The car is behind me in the photo. In order to get to my car, I had a lot of shoveling to do.

Anyway … fast forward 3 years, and here I am with my corgi living in Virginia. I woke up not feeling the gym, so I decided to make it a point to walk at least 5 miles today. I dragged Norma out 3 times before it started snowing, and we walked about 4 miles. After all that walking, she passed out for most of the afternoon and I had time to do crafts. Around 2:30, I was becoming disappointed that it hadn’t started snowing it and then … *poof* the flurries started!

It flurried for a while, and then it turned into a hard snow. It was fabulous. The snow is very sticky, too, so I’m hoping to acquaint Norma with snowballs tomorrow 😉 Haha. The only downside to all this snowy fun is that Michael isn’t here to share it with us. He emailed me to tell me that things are going slow, much like last time, and he has no idea when he’ll be home. It’s okay … this separation so far has been better then the last few, and I’m beginning to be more okay with his comings and goings. My fingers are crossed that they’ll be back soon, but we’ll see.

Here are a few pictures and a video of Norma enjoying the snow. We went out 3 times between when the snow started 7hrs ago and now, and when we were not outside, she constantly begged to go out back to play in the snow by herself. At one point, she was running a circuit around the back yard. I wish I could have captured it on video, but she stopped as soon as she realized that I was watching her.






  1. Aw, Norma looks so excited about the snow! I wish my dogs had more interaction with that, but we’d have to drive up in the mountains to experience that and even then it’s hit and miss. I miss the snow too, or seasons in general (I’m originally from the Philadelphia area). At least the two of you are doing well with staying active while your hubby is gone; I’m sure he’s thankful for that too. 🙂

    1. Norma seems to behave the same in the snow as she does in the sand on the beach! She borrows her face in it, eats it, and throws herself around as much as possible. Maybe your dogs woudl also play in the snow like they’re at the beach? And yes I agree, nothing makes my husband more sad when he’s away as when I’m sad and moping around the house. Right now I think he feels a little left out of the fun – he’s certainly not having any fun where he is! :/

    1. Yes, I had big plans to throw a little snow around, but she foiled my plans by dashing out the door and leading me on an epic morning run instead. She’s been sleeping ever since! Hehe

    1. That’s her!!! What did you search to find her?! That picture has been on Reddit’s front page and Obsessive Corgi Disorder’s feed, so that must be how she got there! Too funny!!

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