It’s that time again …

… time for Michael to hit the road, again! Thankfully, this should be a shortish trip. The last time he went on this particular trip, they were supposed to be gone for 3-4 nights, and he was gone 7 … and he was one of the first to get home! I felt so bad for the wives whose husbands were gone for 2 weeks. By luck of the draw, they were the ones with little babies.

I’m beginning to get the swing of his comings and goings, so today in preparation of the upcoming trip, I went to our local “gourmet” grocery store to stock up on a few necessities. One thing I’ve learned (the hard way) is that there’s no use in starving myself while he’s gone – starving myself doubles the pain of the separation. Last time he went on one of these trips, I decided to try a crash diet. Not only was I sad that he was gone and that we weren’t able to talk, I was extremely depressed thanks to my brain starving for food. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Today, I bought tons of fruits and vegetables (at least half of the final bill), which is a typical trip for me, including strawberries to dip in white chocolate for dessert one night. I also bought the ingredients to bake a Lemon-Coconut Cake, which I love and Michael hates. I purchased Annie’s cheese and shells boxes (YUM), a matzoh ball soup recipe box, and the ingredients to make mashed cauliflower and zucchini enchiladas. I’ll pretty much be in food heaven.

As with recent trips, we don’t know for sure when he’ll be home, but hopefully he won’t be gone more then a few days. Miss Norma and I will try to be good company for each other, and I’m sure that she’ll be a perfect guard dog.

Other big plans for the separation include working on wedding crafts and continuing to work out daily. I need to start separating my clothes between “to bring immediately”, “to ship with the home goods”, and “to be mailed by my parents later”. I’m also on the hunt for Girl Scout cookies. Last year, a friend recommended that I try the Lemonades … OH BLOODY HELL THOSE THINGS ARE FREAKING FANTASTIC.

Speaking of Girl Scout Cookies, the “diet” is going GREAT and I’m seeing huge changes. I’ve mostly stayed off the scale, but when I do check, it appears that eating more calories is paying dividends. Amber of Go Kaleo has been awesome, and I’m so happy that I am working with her. I’ve even worn a few shirts recently that I haven’t been able to wear in over a year!

I finally got my Japan visa straightened out, and it looks like I’ll be able to pick-up the visa in a few weeks! Another item crossed off my list … and my list is VERY long these days.

One last item – I made these DELICIOUS spaghetti squash chicken parm “boats” for dinner last night. It’s a great first-timer making spaghetti squash recipe, and I highly recommend it!!

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