Delicious zucchini and tomato pasta

I made an A+ dinner tonight, and this post is an attempt to remember all the ingredients so that I can replicate it in the future. I’ve never seen my husband take 3rds, but it just happened. This is big.

Ingredients: 2 whole zucchini sliced; 2 whole tomatoes sliced; 1/2c onion chopped; balsamic vinegar; olive oil; chili flakes; garlic sliced; whole wheat pasta; salt & pepper; 1/2c pepper jack cheese

Method: saute the zucchini in the olive oil, salt & pepper, garlic, and chili flakes while the pasta is cooking; after the zucchini and garlic are fragrant and slightly browned, add the tomato and reduce the heat to something in the middle range. After the pasta is done cooking, add the cheese to the vegetables, stir to melt, then slowly stir in the pasta. You may need to add a little more olive oil to coat the pasta. Serve hot!

Sides: I served this meal with eggplant balls (literally balls of eggplant that I buy at the supermarket here) instead of meatballs and Italian bread. We also had some left over pesto pizza 😉

All in all, a super delicious AND healthy dinner!!

In other news, I’m holding off on the Etsy store until we get to Japan. As I started thinking about the logistics, I realized that it would be very difficult to take orders while we were on our way to Japan or to “pause” the store. The big advantage to waiting is that I will have some time to make “stock” – namely a few wreaths. I can put those specific wreaths up for sale as soon as our stuff arrives to our new house. I also have a few tank top ideas, and I need to figure out how I’m going to create those. Plus, I don’t yet have a sewing machine, which I will definitely need for general life activities in addition to the Etsy store.

79We took Norma to the park again today, and we were surprised that she didn’t much feel like walking around! Usually, she’s SO social that she is out-of-her-mind excited to be around so many people. Today, though, Michael ran her up a big hill (which she loved last time!). Once they got to the top, all she wanted to do was lay down. We tried giving her plenty of water, but it seemed like she just didn’t much feel like running around! We managed to take her on a solid 2mi walk, though! She has been sleeping since we got home a few hours ago, and we’ve been able to eat dinner and watch our favorite show, Fringe, in peace. Currently, she is passed out on my husband’s lap.

BowlingBeyond the park today, we’ve had a great long weekend!! Yesterday was particularly fun. We attended our friend’s 3 year old’s birthday party at the bowling ally on base, which included lots of beer and pizza. Michael and I had a great time! Afterwards, we went to a squadron pilot gathering at Yard House. I met a few wives, unexpectedly ran into some wife friends from another squadron, and spent some time talking to an Admiral’s wife, who has lived abroad with her husband a few times during his long career. I walked away with some advice that nobody else had advised – namely, make sure that our Wills and Powers of Attorney are in order before we leave, and that living on base may be an ideal way to start our time there. I’ve recently been feeling like I want to live on base for the first year as a way to feel safe and secure while Michael is deployed. Since he’s leaving immediately, I probably won’t meet many friends before he leaves, and I think that the security of the base and its social offerings would be a blessing.

Last, did anyone else watch the Inauguration today?! I was at President Obama’s first Inauguration because I lived in Washington, DC! Actually, I had just moved to Pentagon Row, which is situated right next to the Pentagon in Arlington. The highways are closed in Inauguration Day, so 8 of my friends and I walked from my place in Arlington to the Washington Monument, which is a LOOOONG distance. It was a frigidly cold day, but being there was well worth the pain of the cold. If you’ve never been to an Inauguration, I highly recommend going. One of my pet peeves is that the media always ask the FLOUS and SLOUS about their clothes/constantly talk about what they’re wearing, but I just LOVED what they wore today! One of the reasons that I like Michelle Obama so much is due to the way she presents herself in general, and notably that she is always well dressed and well put together. I admire her for her intelligence and public personality too, and that she seems to have a mind of her own and opinions built on knowledge (which is also how I felt about Laura Bush – and I continue to admire her to this day). Since I’m from the Delaware area, I know a bit about Dr. Jill Biden, too. Since most people don’t know a lot about her, here is her bio on the White House website. She and Vice President Biden are University of Delaware Blue Hens (like me! Go Hens!), and she has taught English for over 30yrs (and she continues to teach English at a community college near DC). Anyway, here are a few pictures that I found on the internet (thanks Google Images!) of what they wore today, and what Dr. Biden wore when VP Biden was sworn-in.

Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second Term

Jill Biden inauguration coat

joe biden inauguration

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