Zero Dark Thirty

A few nights ago, Michael and I finally saw Zero Dark Thirty. And, by “finally”, I mean that we were not able to see it opening night, and waiting the extra 72hrs seemed like a long time in my mind, since I was SO excited to see this movie!

I was so excited to see this movie because I remember the very emotional moment that President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  I was working on an application essay for nursing school in my living room and a friend IM’d me to tell me to turn on the news immediately. As I did, I saw an announcement that the President would be making a statement in a few minutes.

When the President made his statement, I cried tears of joy and sadness. Sadness because people I knew had lost their lives, suffered traumatic injuries, and had been traumatized as a result of our two-front war following OBL’s terror attack on 9/11. Joy because the mastermind of the attack was brought to justice in the only way he and his ilk would ever understand justice. Say what you will about my feelings towards OBL’s death, but I smiled as I cried, and anyone who is personally connected to the tragedy of 9/11, OBL-perpetrated terrorist attacks,  and the following wars probably understand where I’m coming from.

Fastword to Monday night.

Zero Dark Thirty is very well done. Although the movie follows a CIA analyst’s mission to find OBL, the movie isn’t really about her. It’s also not about the CIA or the SEALs who brought OBL to justice. ZDT is about the story itself. The movie takes a somber, serious tone, which is appropriate for the subject matter. The story is laid-out in linear fashion and it is very easy to follow. Not all the acting was perfect, but the main characters did a good job and acting was not a detractor from the movie (which it sometimes is for me). There were a few startling moments and it showed waterboarding, but it wasn’t gruesome or scary. Really, it was a good movie. I’d like to see it again next week, now that I’ve had some time to digest and think about it.

I highly recommend seeing the movie, especially if the wars and terrorist attacks had personal meaning to you.

I was frustrated with the audience in the theater because people felt the need to comment loudly during certain parts (which was a HUGE annoyance! Ugh! People are SO RUDE!), but hopefully those people won’t be there if I see it next week during the day.

It’s Friday here, and unfortunately Michael is working a little late today 😦 We have big plans to go to Cold Stone Creamery tonight, though, and to watch several episodes of Fringe, our latest tv show interest. We enjoy finding a (intellectually stimulating) television show and watching it from beginning to end. We have Amazon Prime (I highly recommend it if you’re an avid tv or movie watcher!), so we can steam television shows for free, and Michael has it set up so that the television becomes his computer screen (I’m technologically inept, so this is all beyond me!).

Time to get dinner going! I hope that you all have a wonderful Friday 🙂

PS – My question of the day is this: why do people wear long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts to the gym? Lots of people wear them in our gym on base, and today I witnessed three women running on treadmills in sweatshirts. Isn’t that HOT? Personally I sweat like crazy when I’m working out, so long sleeves would never work for me!

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