Pilot Prom

Hi there! It was another busy weekend here in Virginia. Michael and I attended the SFB 2012 (yes, held in 2013) on Friday night, and my parents were here for the weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday, so we were hanging out with them on Saturday and Sunday morning. I spent most of Sunday with my friend Tiffany at a bridal expo to help her plan her wedding, which is coming up in August. Whew. No rest for the weary this weekend!



Pilot Prom was awesome! I had my hair and make-up done by professionals, and I love being pampered 😉 We started the night with friends at a pre-party and then we took a limo to the main event. I loved being glamored-up and wearing a super fancy dress! And, unlike last year, I felt like I was a tiny bit over dressed and was LOVING IT (last year I was under dressed and a bit self conscious about it!).



We arrived to the ball a little later then planned, so we went straight to dinner. Dinner consisted of 3 courses at an assigned table with several dudes from Michael’s squadron and their wives/dates. An Admiral or two spoke for too long, but the whole thing was very nice. The latest SFB video was shown which was okay but not nearly as good as Michael’s was last year, and then we adjourned to another floor of the hotel where we partied all night!


Each squadron rented a conference room in the hotel, called an “admin”, where the squadron decorated the room and set-up their own bar that is fully socked with free booze for everyone. Usually they were decorated in squadron colors, and some pilots dressed up as the squadron mascot. Many of the admins featured crazy ice sculptures or ice luges, and they all opened into a main room where there was a dance floor and live music. We all danced, even my husband, and it was a raging great party. We left in the limo at 2am, and the party was still going full throttle. Great night.

dad bday3

dad bday2

Saturday was my dad’s birthday, and we celebrated with my parents by taking Norma to the beach in the afternoon and, later, the 4 of us humans went to Catch 31 on the oceanfront for dinner. Norma had a great time at the beach, and she met a few dog play friends while we were there. She’s getting SO BIG now, and she loved playing in the sand and water. We even let her off the leash for a very short period so that she could play with a Sheltie.




On a side note, the diet thing with GoKaleo is going really, really well. I wasn’t able to work out much this past week due to being sick, but I was eating 1600-2000 cal/day, and I didn’t gain any weight. Can you believe that?! Well, I can because I did it, and it looks like I’m a walking, talking de-bunker of the widely accepted diet myth that if a woman eats more then 1400 cal/day, she will gain weight. And yes, I was eating 1600-2000 cal/day AFTER taking into account the cals I burned while working out. Today, I ate almost 700cal in Jasmine rice (I love me some rice).

So, here are two interesting phenomenons that I’ve noticed since I started my GoKaleo program:

1. I spend time with an awful lot of chronic dieters, and in the last week or two I’ve been outright judged because I ate my whole dinner. And, let me tell you something else – it was liberating to be judged. Go ahead, stare and silently judge all you want. I’m going to go ahead and feel good about myself, change my personal outlook on myself, and raise myself to a place where I am no longer what I eat and I am no longer my weight.

2. I’ve stopped hating my body like 90% of the time and I actually feel pretty good about myself! While I know that I’m not where I want to be, I’m accepting that this is where I am right now, that I’m still somewhat attractive, and that it’s okay to be okay with myself.

Well, Michael is working late again tonight and I have some goals yet to accomplish today. I was running around all day going to drs appointments and taking care of dog stuff, so it’s time to get moving on some household chores.

We are hoping to go see Zero Dark Thirty tomorrow night, and my fingers are crossed that Michael doesn’t have to work (we were going to go tonight, but the Navy had other plans for him!). Has anyone seen it yet? I can’t wait. I actually cheered for it every time I saw the preview in movie theaters … yeah … I’m THAT excited to see this movie. I know a few people who have died In Iraq and Afghanistan, and I hold Osama Bin Laden personally responsible. I expect that I’ll cry at the end of the movie, and we may have to see this one a few times before it goes out of theaters.


  1. Sounds like you had an extremely fun-filled weekend! Not to forget… a very Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!! 🙂 You looked amazing & Michael very dapper might I add. Whoever did your hair and makeup did a fantastic job! The red was very well done. 😉

    Haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty yet, but will probably do so this weekend. Hope you enjoy it, I hear it’s a great movie. Having been military & grown up military, I too know many that have lost lives abroad. It’s sad and such a tragedy. 😦


    1. Zero Dark Thirty was fantastic! I found it to be very well done and I want to see it again before it goes out of theaters. The actual raid was a very small part of the movie in the very end, and most of it focused on the story about how the CIA located OBL’s home. I think that a lot of the audience in the theater got bored about 1.5hrs into it and people started talking, which I found to be pretty rude, but otherwise I really, really enjoyed the movie!! Also, thanks for the compliments on my hair and make-up. I have an artist friend who works at the MAC counter in Norfolk. She does a great job, as does my hair stylist!

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