SFB 2012 – Pilot Prom 2012 and a day at the beach

Hi there, readers! I’ve been busy this week … but a fun kind of busy! Tonight is the Strike Fighter Ball, affectionately known as Pilot Prom 😉 I have to leave in a few minutes to start the hair and make-up process. This is my single favorite event every year, and this year has been particularly sweet because Michael didn’t have to make the video this year. Last year, he spent months and months and months coming up with ideas, collecting footage, and making the video. This year, he just did a little last minute editing and another dude made the video.

Here is the video from SFB 2011 that Michael made. I know that I’m biased, but I think that it’s pretty badass 🙂 He makes a few cameos in it. Can you find him?

Yes, the Navy realizes that it’s 2013 and we are just now having SFB 2012 … usually the ball is in the fall, but with so many squadrons deployed, the ball was postponed until many of them got home.

Tonight should be pretty wild and crazy, and I’m fired up and ready to party!! I will include more info after the ball.

Yesterday, my neighbor friend Sarah and I brought our dogs to the beach! Her dog is named Bubby and he is a Maltese (and seriously the cutest little white dog ever!). I really jive with Sarah, as she is a nurse, does not have any kids, and also married to a pilot. We have a lot of really, really good conversation. Her husband flies helicopters for the Navy, so we’re able to TALK about things in depth and we don’t have to be on our guard about saying too much to our husband’s coworker’s wife, etc. I think that we’re pretty real with each other about our thoughts and feelings about the Navy and being a pilot’s wife, and, in this life, it’s SO important to have a person or two like that to talk to. Until now, I’ve overlooked that aspect of having pilot’s wife friends – the issue of saying too much to my husband’s co-worker’s wife – and I think that this is a really important thing for all of us to keep in mind. Not everyone is going to “tattle” on us to their husbands, and not all of their husbands are going to “tattle” to the squadron about what I tell their wife, but the reality is that we ALL talk to our husbands (and rightfully so!) about many things, and we all must be mindful about not shitting where we eat (excuse the “french”, but it’s a perfect decryption!).

Here are a few photos from yesterday:








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  1. Norma looks so tiny next to the ocean! I think my favorite is the one where she looks like she is trying to sink into the ground. “If I just siiiink in here then momma can’t find me!” 🙂

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