Corgi flop.

Another day, another adventure with Normasaurus Rex.

I’m still under the weather, but I decided to take Norma on a long walk this morning. The sun was shining, it was a little warmer then normal (in the 40’s), and I had cabin fever (and a real fever – yuck). I bundled up, latched on our favorite leash, and we took off to conquer the morning.

After about 25min of walking, I decided that I needed to get home for a nap. Just before we turned around, I decided to give Norma a few minutes to enjoy a view of the lake and the flock of geese. As we neared the lake and I was fumbling for a tissue in my pocket, Norma surged forward and I lost hold of the leash!

Norma took off down the lake shore, barking and squealing with joy as she neared about 40 geese that were lounging in the sun on the shore. I took off after her, yelling “NORMA, NO!” (btw, that’s totally not an effective phrase when dealing with run-away puppies). We passed about 6 houses in our galloping, cacophonic parade – geese running and honking, norma joyously barking, and me yelling.

Suddenly, the geese made a hard right turn and started jumping in the water. Norma took the same hard right, stopped short at the water edge, gave me a sideways glance, and FLOPPED IN THE WATER. This video is a perfect representation of how she looked as she flopped into the water. 

When she didn’t resurface for at least 5 seconds, being the momma bear that I am, I jumped in after her. The lake is very shallow until it isn’t shallow, and I belly flopped into the lake where she went down. It was at least thigh deep where I ended up, and I was completely submerged in FREEZING water.

As my head came up, I spotted her doggie paddling to the other side of the lake. Oh yes, Normasaurus A*shat Rex was JUST FINE in the water, and she efficiently doggy paddled her way around the lake for a few minutes chasing geese. She was even barking as she paddled.

I WANTED TO STRANGLE HER LITTLE CORGI NECK … but I didn’t. I climbed out of the lake and called her a few times. Eventually she got tired (or cold?) and doggie paddled her way back over to me.

She climbed out of the lake without any help, and sat down next to me, as if nothing completely crazy had just happened. As a matter of fact, she wanted to go back for a Round 2, but I quickly latched her back on to the leash.

These are pictures of her while we were sitting on shore. I don’t know how my phone still works, but she’s lucky that it does. I was wearing my husband’s winter coat on the walk, and I think that it’s waterproof enough that it kept the water off my phone for the few seconds that I was in the water.




I had to drag her back home, which was a very long, cold, and wet walk. Ugh! I still can’t believe she jumped in the water! My fingers are crossed that I don’t end up more sick because I jumped in that freeeeeeezing lake!

42I threw Norma into a warm bath as soon as we got home. She wasn’t remorseful until I put her in the water … she hates being bathed, and her sad face made me feel a little better. I then, of course, threw myself in a shower as soon as I had her toweled off. What a morning! On the up side, I scrubbed her pretty well, and she is especially fluffy now 🙂 She seemed to stay cold for a while after her bath, but she is totally fine now, and enjoying her celery stick in the living room.

I managed to have a good laugh at her expense this afternoon, though, when I took her on a second walk. Here she is in the baby swing at the playground:





She seemed to enjoy being in the swing, even when I pushed her a little! It was a hoot.

In other news, I had my second counseling session with Go Kaleo owner Amber today. I lost over 3lbs last week by simply changing how much I ate. Get this – I ate MORE last week then I ever (purposefully) have in the last 11 years. Seriously, I lost weight by eating more. She believes that I’ve been eating too little, and thus my body has been existing in a state of starvation for years … hence my inability to loose weight. Last week, I was eating, on average, 1400 cals/day. My job this week is to eat at least 1800 cal/day (plus more on days when I work out), and to start her workout plan. The plan amounts to at least 20min of moderate cardio 3x per week, and 20min of lifting circuits 2x per week. I have a mandatory 2 days of rest. I’m excited to get this thing going, and I’ll keep everyone appraised of how things are going. I’m wondering how I’ll feel eating 1800 cal day after day. My little “I must starve myself to loose weight” mindset (which I’m trying to change!) may freak-out a little when I’m in the midst of eating all this food. Amber thinks that I should work up to eating about 2200 cal/day, which sounds CRAZY to me, but I’m totally willing to give this thing a whirl. Now that I know that my reception dress fits, I feel like I have leeway to experiment!

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