Sunday Funday posts.

A few blogger friends take one day out of the week to just post pictures, news articles, etc. I like it, and I’d like Sunday to be my day. So, today as my inaugural day of just posting cool or cute stuff, here are a few things for your viewing pleasure:

India’s Gulabi “Pink” Gang of female vigilantes who literally gang-up on men who beat their wives and children, who stand-up to corrupt officials who seek bribes from their customers, and who stand up to the government when pensions are cut-off. While I never advocate (unprovoked) violence, I’d totally join this gang if I lived in India. Plus, what could be more satisfying then beating an abusive man with bamboo sticks?!

Here are a few photos that we took of Normasaurus Rex last night. Explain this:




  1. The ‘explanation’ of how Normasaurus Rex’s sleeping positions is really quite simple: Being a long backed, stumpy legged creature, he requires periodic, self induced chiropractic adjustments :). Look at that lumbar straigtening going on in the second photo!

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