Norma’s day out.

Park with dog1We took Miss Norma to the park today for the first time and she had a blast! She did better then we expected – she only stopped once in a while to investigate smells, and she only laid down a few times (she likes to try to take naps in the middle of going for a walk by pretending that she has to pee and then “falling over”/laying down for a nap). Lots of people wanted to pet Norma, especially the little girls as we passed the jungle gym area. Norma, of course, wanted EVERYONE to pet her, and she tried to chase every jogger who passed us. I initiated the park trip even though I’ve been feeling very under the weather for a few days (gross understatement). I envy people who can lay on their couch or in bed all day and be satisfied. This girl has got to get up and do something, regardless of how I’m feeling … and unfortunately, physical activity is NOT conducive to feeling better at this point. Oops. Also, with the amount that Michael is gone, I feel like we need to do something everyday that he’s home in order to enjoy our time together. Not sure if it’s a typical military spouse thing, but I feel like we need to enjoy everyday as if he’s imminently deploying. Can any other military spouses out there relate?!

Park with dog4

Park with dog2

Park with dog3


  1. At one point I said/wished that Corgis weren’t so cute and that I had a mean or scary looking dog since we had to stop all the time at the park or on walks for people to pet her, mainly kids. Of course it is great for their socialization it just made our walks even longer. LOL oh well, I still love my little Corgi! 🙂
    That last part, I think we do that too with Andrew’s “weekends”…we always try to do something fun even if we have so many other things to do. Like this weekend, we spent a day at the range shooting and then tomorrow the plan is to take Gwen to the dog park to make up for leaving her home in her crate for the afternoon. (Gwen makes me feel guilty!!)

  2. Yes, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that probably most military couples cram as much “fun stuff” as they can into their together time. It must be so much harder once kids are involved too … and I’m totally not even ready to start thinking about THAT! 🙂 I love that you guys go to the range, btw! Shooting is so much fun.
    Also agreed about the cuteness of corgis … I cringe a little when strangers come up and ask to pet her sometimes. I know that Norma loves being petted, but sometimes we are headed somewhere or on a time constraint and the petting holds us (me) up. Or, for example, we’ll be out for a walk and a random man will approach us and want to pet Norma. She of course LOVES the attention, but I wish she would snarl and bark at random, strange men! Haha.

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