Getting back to my roots.

As our time quickly draws to a close in Virginia, I’m very focused on enjoying this experience to the best of my ability and savoring all the small things that I like about living here. Virginia Beach has been a really nice place for us in the few months that we’ve been married, and it was a great place to date for the last year, but I’m happy to be moving on to a new place where Michael and I will be new together. To me, Japan is an opportunity to build things “our way” and to make friends together. Well, we’ll see how much “together” time we get with his deployment and training schedule, but Japan will certainly be an opportunity for us to do something new and exciting together.

Looking back, we definitely made an excellent choice to have me move here prior to the move to Japan (and thus leaving nursing school), but I  thought that this experience would be different. I had hoped to meet a group of pilot wife friends with whom I could bond and be long-term friends. I met a few ladies who will be long-term friends, but not the social circle that I had hoped for. I also spent a lot of time alone, which was expected but also more difficult then I expected. Michael and I had been long-distance for so long that I thought that living with him would make his long work trips easier. Actually, the trips were harder because I really FELT his absence. On the other hand, I’m really happy that I had many absence experiences before we move to Japan so that the emotions of his first deployment aren’t such a shock (though I know that the first experience will certainly be the worst and a shock anyway). I’ve felt really, really lonely living here, but I think that this is a feeling that I need to get used to as a military wife. I won’t always have people to talk to about my feelings regarding Michael’s deployments, and I won’t always have someone to talk to, period. I need to start my own (solo) Friday night traditions, and figure out how to have a great weekend when Michael is gone and I don’t have people to hang out with. I need to figure out a solid weekday schedule while I’m living in Japan, so that my days are filled while he’s gone. I need to plan ahead and force myself out of the house while he’s gone, so that I DO things even though he’s not with me. The dog will help me in all these areas, but the dog isn’t the answer – I need to discover my own answer. Living with Michael in Virginia has given me a taste of what’s coming, and I am very thankful for that.

Purple hair1

Purple hair2

So, speaking of getting back to my roots, I went to the salon this morning and had my hair restored to my absolute favorite hair color (on myself): purple. Last year, I dyed some of my hair pink . The pink was fun, but not for me. I prefer this pretty violet color. The top is still blondish (my natural color). I don’t think that the purple hair is very pilot-wifey, but it’s VERY “Rebecca”.

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